As The Makers, we push music to its limits. We love performing all over the world with different artists. It’s our pleasure and our passion. We simply love it!

Chris Vingerhoets


Ruud Hoevenaar


Arthur Mols



The Makers are a Dutch band with a sound that is both energetic and soulful. The band’s members, Arthur, Rudy, and Chris, all share a passion for music that began at an early age. Each member honed their skills playing their respective instruments in various bands throughout their high school years.

Arthur and Rudy’s paths crossed at the Rock Academy in Tilburg, a unique institution that offered a non-traditional approach to music education, catering to the rock and pop genres. Chris, on the other hand, briefly attended the conservatory in Maastricht but found it unfulfilling, ultimately leaving after the second year.

Fate intervened when Chris joined a band formed by Stefan De Roon, a prominent figure in the Dutch pop scene. The band, named Lev, focused on original music and was signed by BMG. However, the band’s trajectory took an unexpected turn, and the album they recorded under the guidance of renowned producer Toby Gad remains unreleased.

Undeterred, Arthur and Chris joined forces in the “Amstel live band,” a project sponsored by Amstel beer that involved headlining shows and backing up famous Dutch artists. When this endeavor came to an end in 2011/2012, the duo decided to continue their musical journey under the name Hillstreet, with Rudy joining the fold.

From the very first gig together, the trio felt an undeniable musical connection, marking the beginning of their exciting adventure. With the support of Viking Entertainment, they embarked on a relentless schedule, performing between 100 and 140 shows annually. Their dedication and passion fueled their rise in the Dutch music scene, leading them to numerous festivals and clubs across the country.

The Makers’ journey is a testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft and their ability to connect with audiences through their music. Their story continues to unfold, and their passion for music is sure to inspire and entertain for years to come.

The Makers: A Musical Journey (Continued)

Following the exhilarating years with Hillstreet, each member pursued their individual endeavors. Rudy embarked on a law degree at Tilburg University, Arthur established his own music school, Groovability, and Chris took on the role of Artist & Relations Manager at Koch Amps, a guitar amp manufacturer.

Chris’s A&R position opened doors to his first international tour as a bassist for US artist Greg Koch in 2017. His prominence as a bassist led him to cross paths with Nashville singer-songwriter Paul Childers, forging a remarkable connection between American and European musicians. This collaboration culminated in Paul Childers’ first EU tour in 2019, with Chris on bass and Arthur behind the drums.

The 2020 tour, planned to be even grander, was unfortunately postponed due to the global pandemic that brought the world to a standstill. When the pandemic’s impact ceased, the trio got back together.

Reunited and reenergized, the trio decided to embark on another full EU tour with Paul Childers, now under the moniker Paul Childers & The Makers. In May 2023, they performed 16 shows across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria, captivating audiences in clubs and festivals alike. Later that year, they ventured into a US tour, starting in Kentucky and journeying down south to Beaumont, Texas. They graced iconic jazz clubs like Rudy’s in Nashville and Jaegers in New Orleans, alongside electrifying outdoor shows in Bogalusa and Beaumont.

The musical adventure continues in 2024 with a new Paul Childers & The Makers EU tour scheduled for April. The tour will encompass iconic European cities like Berlin, Vienna, and Pisa, Italy, with more exciting destinations to be announced. Later in 2024, they will embark on another US tour, further expanding their international reach.